Jason David Epp, Inc.

State Certified General Contractor

State Certified Home & Property Inspector

Wind Mitigation, Roof Certification
4 Point & Other Home Inspection Services


Pricing Schedule

Home Buyer’s Pre-Closing and Home Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspections:
(Please Note:  SQUARE FOOTAGE EQUALS TOTAL UNDER ROOF: Conditioned Spaces PLUS Garage, porches and outbuildings;  Please Note:  Age of Property may affect price)

1000 s.f. or less: $250.00
1001 - 1500: $275.00
1501 - 2000: $300.00
2001 - 2500: $325.00
2501 - 3000: $350.00
3001 - 3500: $400.00
3501 - 4000: $450.00
4001 - 4500: $500.00
4501 and up: (As Per Case)

Pool, Spa, Enclosure & Related Service Equipment:  $50.00 - $125.00, depending.
Tile Roof; Fireplace; Dock, Boatlift & Seawall, add $25.00, as applicable
North Pinellas, North Hillsborough, East Pasco and North Hernando Counties add $25.00

South Pinellas and South Hillsborough Counties add $50.00

Sarasota, Manatee, Polk, Sumter, Marion, Citrus and Orange Counties: (As Per Case)

Stand Alone Pool/Spa Inspection:  $125.00 and up, depending.

4-Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections with Home Inspection:  $175.00

Stand Alone Wind Mitigation Inspection: $95.00 and up, depending

Stand Alone Roof Certification:  $85.00 and up, depending.

Stand Alone 4-Point Inspection: $175.00 and up, depending.

4-Point Re-Inspection: $95.00 and up, depending.

Sewer Camera Inspection, with Home Inspection:  $150.00 - $200.00, depending.

Stand Alone Sewer Camera Inspection:  $225.00 and up, depending.

Infrared Imaging Inspection, with Home Inspection:  $50.00 and up, depending.

Stand Alone Infrared Imaging Inspection:  (As per case)

Commercial Property Inspection:  (As per case)

Construction Draw Inspection (% Complete):  $85.00 and up, depending. 

New Home Buyer’s Warranty Inspection:  $175.00 and up, depending. 

Independent Third Party Verification Inspection/Home Owner & Contractor Disputes:  (As per case)

Pre-Offer Inspection and/or Repair and Rehabilitation Cost Evaluation Services: $100.00 and up, depending

Roof Deck Nailing, SWR/Flashings Inspection Affidavit for Owner Permitted Re-Roof:  $85.00 - $125.00, depending;  $200. With Wind Mitigation Inspection

Package Deals available.   All prices subject to negotiation, depending upon the case, location and/or other factors.  Your business is important to me. 

Inspection Termination Fee:  If, for any reason, the Inspection is terminated onsite, while in progress, a $125.00 Termination Fee is applicable and due at the time of termination.

State Certified General Contractor, License #CGC1526290

State Certified Residential Building Contractor, License #CRC1326809

State Certified Home and Property Inspector, License #HI3111

American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Certified Inspector, #262959

ASHI Certified Inspector

Member of Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) Registered Professional Inspector, License #0932

Certified Residential Thermographer #2019060701 (Infrared Imaging)

Member, Association of Construction Industry Certified Professionals

Qualified Sewer Camera Operator

Certified Pool Operator #CPO-609299

Affiliate Member, West Pasco Board of Realtors, with SUPRA Key Access

ASHI Suncoast Chapter Member

Graduate, Carson Dunlop Weldon Commercial Building Inspection Course