Jason David Epp, Inc.

State Certified Residential Contractor, Home Inspector, Property Inspector, Wind Mitigation, Roof Certification, 4 Point and Other Inspection


In a Sentence: I am a Licensed Home and Property Inspector AND a General Building Contractor who has built multiple-story homes from the ground up and who has diagnosed, taken apart, repaired and put back together just about anything you’ll find inside or outside of a typical residential structure. As such, like any accomplished surgeon, I know what I am looking at from the inside out.

Location of Business: Hudson in Northwest Pasco County Florida.

Primary Service Area: Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Hillsborough; other Counties considered but subject to different pricing.

List of Services offered:

  • Home Buyer’s Pre-Closing Inspection: Where the Buyer of a home has a Right of Inspection within a limited amount of days after the Purchase Agreement is signed.
  • Home Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection: A pre-emptive Inspection on the Seller’s behalf, so as to be better prepared and/or to take action in correcting any deficiencies prior to initiating the selling process.
  • Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection: Insurance related Inspection, pertaining to potential credits given by the Insurer towards certain mitigating construction features of the property in relation to Hurricane Protection that the Inspector must verify and document.
  • Roof Certification: Insurance related Inspection, certifying the current condition and how many useful years of life remain on the roof covering.
  • Four-Point Inspection: Insurance related Inspection, report typically required by an Insurer and/or a Lender for properties 25 - 30 years and older that documents the Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Roof systems of the property.
  • Construction Draw Inspection for Banks (% Complete Form)
  • New Home Buyer’s Warranty Inspection: Contractors of Record are contractually obligated to correct certain defects that may appear in a new home for up to 1 year. These Inspections are conducted on behalf of the Homeowner(s) in advance of this date, in order to supply to a Contractor of Record a clear, well-documented, Third-Party ‘Punchlist’ of items which may require correction.
  • Independent Third Party Verification Inspections: Including Consultation and Documentation Services when Third Party Professional Opinion may be required for objective edification when Contractual and other such disputes arise.
  • Pre-Offer Inspection and/or Repair and Rehabilitation Cost
    Evaluation Services.
  • Roof Deck Nailing and SWR Inspection Affidavit for Owner Permitted
  • Destructive Evaluation Services, Custom Inspections, Periodic Safety, Risk and Maintenance Assessment and Light Commercial Property Inspections, including Duplexes and Multiple Occupancy Dwellings,  Apartment and Condominium complexes, Warehouses, Light Manufacturing, Storage Units, Office, Restaurants and General Retail Buildings;  Price Quotes available for each upon request, as per case.

Statement of Integrity: Although I am also licensed and actively involved in new construction, home repairs, remodeling and additions, as per ASHI and FL State guidelines, I do not offer repair services on properties that I have Inspected for at least (1) year after the date such a property was Inspected.